White glock 19 gen 5

White glock 19 gen 5

We take a look at some of the significant design changes made for the newest generation of Glock handguns. The second change is a flared magwell and large front cutout. This is to facilitate quicker loading and reloading. The magazines themselves have a distinct difference. While they are interchangeable with previous generation right-handed mags, the new round standard magazine has an orange follower. The fourth major change is the ambidextrous slide stop.

The Gen 5 has a slide stop on the left and right side of the slide. Side note: Five years ago, I taught my Dad, who is left-handed, how to shoot with a Glock and I wish the ambi stop had been around then! Another major difference is the nDLC finish. This protectant on the slide is specific to new Glocks and they claim it is more durable than previous models, but of course that's only something that can be tested over time. The new models also feature a beveled muzzle which is to prevent potential problems when quickly removing the gun from the holster.

The gun has a Marksman barrel, which uses a more traditional hexagonal rifling instead of Glock's known polygonal rifling.

Glock 19 Gen 5 X-Werks Storm Trooper White 9mm 3-15rd

The trigger system is also changed. One element involves a throwback to older Generation 1 and 2 Glocks. The original firearms only had one pin in the mechanism. A locking block pin was added for later generations featuring heavier calibers. But the Gen 5 has gone back to a one pin system, meaning heavier calibers are likely not an option for the Gen 5 in this configuration. Range Sign Up. By Ashley Hlebinsky.

Latest Gun Reviews.Sep 30, 1. Has new Ameriglo Hackathorn model night sights. X-Werks did a great job on the finish, and the gun looks cool as hell.

New StormTrooper White Glock 19

Complete with box, papers, backstraps medium has been coated whiteand six brand new gen 5 fifteen round magazines one basepad has been coated white. FTF in N. Texas or shipped to FFL. Thanks all. Dangerous BrianSep 30, Stogies and Jollyroger1 like this. Sep 30, 2. Pics man! Jollyroger1Sep 30, Raylan Givens and Stogies like this. Sep 30, 3. Sep 30, 4. Sep 30, 5. Tall PineSep 30, Sep 30, 6.

GlockSep 30, Sep 30, 7. Sep 30, 8. Looks a little ivory above. Pistol is bright white! Oct 1, 9. Oct 1, Dangerous BrianOct 1, Oct 3, Bump for sale or trade. Dangerous BrianOct 3, Let's see some pics of it dirty! Pretty cool gat. SLAM37Oct 3, Songcatcherliljoe and Greg like this. Oct 7, You might have settled for either side or have no idea which pistol is better. These are three different P and Glock 19 models.

At the outset, it was a pistol that the US government has used to replace the Beretta 92FS as the standard sidearm. Choosing this over the Glock might have very well stoked the flames of this epic battle. The P is considered to be one of the best striker pistols in the business. Another thing that makes a pistol enthusiast marvel is the trigger.

While the break-in doesn't take too long, it will become one of the smoothest pulling triggers that many pistol enthusiasts and users have come across.

Glock 19 Gen 5

Not to mention, the size is ideal to fit most hand sizes as well. Small hands, mid-sized, or large it won't seem to matter. The functionality is probably part of the reason why the US government decided to go with this pistol. The pistol is probably one of the most ergonomic friendly pistols on the market. Plus, with a smooth, crisp trigger pull with 6 pounds of pull weight makes it good enough to make quick shots and even quicker follow up shots. Despite being jilted by the US government in terms of being the standard sidearm, the Glock remains one of the more venerable pistol brands in the world.

The Glock 19 is probably one of the best sidearms used by law enforcement and military personnel the world over. The Glock 19 is one of the top pistols that is much preferred by concealed carry practitioners. While it may not have its place in the sun among some governments, it remains one of the most popular pistols among the legion of civilian concealed carry users today.

Even at around 6 pounds, the trigger pull is decent. Of course, you get shots off quickly and much faster follow-up shooting. Most of this pistol is made from polymer. The design makes it more comfortable for those using it. It will definitely be a plus for those who are spending the day shooting off countless rounds at the range. Hand fatigue or straining will become a thing of the past. That issue was addressed with the P Now you can easily disassemble it without worrying about doing damage to the striker.Transform your gun with Carbon Fiber.

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white glock 19 gen 5

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white glock 19 gen 5

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Made in USA. Compare 0. Remove All.Author: Jeremy of Gundose. At first glance, you may think not a whole lot but that has always been the case with Glock models.

The all-round talent

Nothing much really changes and what does, is usually very minor. But for those diehard fans, you will notice those Aesthetic changes rather quickly. Based on demand, it seems that was one of the bigger requests by the majority. In-fact, I often times get a good frame stipple done for added texture and grip.

The flared mag-well is another aesthetic change you will notice at first glance. Which are still available This is ideal for low light shooting and accuracy. One thing most people thought the Gen 5 Glock would have is front serrations. While it looks great, Glock has reverted back on this detail which I think is more ideal for people who like to customize their Glock slides.

You will also notice a more rounded front end on the Gen 5 Glock. Furthermore, there is no more locking block pin. Glock will now revert to using a two pin system with all Gen 5 models.

Left handed shooters will be happy to know that the slide stop is now ambidextrous and easily accessible on both sides of the glock Gen 5 models. Sorry to say, that is the only good news I have for left handed shooters for the Gen 5. Glock has coated all Gen 5 Glock handguns with a new nDLC finish which is supposed to last longer and protect against the elements better than previous generations.

The all new Glock Marksman Barrel! GMB apparently has better rifling for improved accuracy. Overall, not a bad list of upgrades. My name is Jeremy.

white glock 19 gen 5

I run gundosellc on Instagram. I'm a firearm photographer, blogger and FFL holder. Visit : Gundose. Thanks for the article.Though Glock fans have long suspected the Gen. As the G19 is one of my favorite Glock model pistols, I was thrilled when the company agreed to send me the new Gen.

The 9mm chambered Gen. Off the bat, shooters will notice that the Gen. While some users might lament the finger groove removal, I found it to be a definite plus for petite shooters like myself that find the finger grooves cumbersome. The flat grip face allows for fingers to rest naturally instead of forcing them into set areas.

white glock 19 gen 5

This equates to a more solid shooting grip and a more comfortable fit. A side-by-side comparison of the Gen. Photo: Jacki Billings. Working our way up the gun, the next notable feature is the addition of an ambidextrous slide stop.

Unlike its predecessor, the Gen 5 aims to be southpaw friendly, pairing that additional slide stop with the configurable mag release that can be swapped to the left side. The grip width on the Gen. The Gen. Moving up the gun further, the Glock shooters will notice the slide and barrel are both revamped for the new generation.

The GMB tosses polygonal rifling out the window in favor of a more traditional cut. Glock says the new rifling delivers improved accuracy over the old. Does it really? Both the barrel and the side are finished in nDLC — a tougher, more durable coating that aims to protect against corrosion and scratching. Exclusive to the Gen. Field stripping the G19 is the same process as previous generations and still includes that notorious trigger pull.

Glock retooled its barrel, opting for a more traditional cut for better accuracy. Another external feature that Glock revamps on its G19 model is the magwell. The new Gen. The Glock mags have also been altered for the new generation, now showcasing an orange follower for shooters to easily gauge how many rounds are left in the mag.

Dimensions-wise the Gen. Barrel length on the Gen.

Tipping scales at Where the Gen. Though Glock has certainly tweaked the exterior portions of the platform, some of the familiar features remain. For instance, the Gen 5 and Gen 4 both keep to the same overall length, measuring 7.

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