Danganronpa x goth reader

Danganronpa x goth reader

Fairytales with a cruel twist of fate instead of a happily-ever-after or stories that explore the darker side of human nature, have always fascinated a certain category of people. Each of the graphic novels mentioned below, have gothic undertones and elements of supernatural and horror. Some of them are stand-alones and can be finished in a single sitting, while others span volumes. A few of them are also pretty light-hearted and can be enjoyed by both younger and mature readers.

The series narrates the tragic journey of Dream or Morpheus, one of the Endless, who are anthropomorphic projections of human concepts, even as it interweaves elements and stories from history, folklore, myth and urban legends.

Apart from Dream, there's also Death, who is portrayed as a cheerful punk-goth teenager wearing an ankh necklace and who perhaps help found the "goth gal" image in the s. If you love epic tales and fairytale re-tellings, then Fables promises to be one hell of a ride.

These characters are different from the ordinary people or the "Mundies" and while some of the "Fables" have blended in with them, the ones that cannot, are hidden in "The Farm". The series has won several Eisner Awards, inspired a video-game and spawn many successful spin-offs. Published by DC Comics, under the Vertigo imprint which also published The SandmanBullets is sure to be a favorite among those who love film noir and pulp fiction.

Both the writing and the art greatly borrow from these two traditions and portray graphic and gritty violence, as they delve into episodic stories of crime, revenge and the dark side of human nature. Goth fans should of course check out the usual Batman comics in general and Tom King's rendition in particular.

Danganronpa Reader Inserts

But if you're looking for something short and steampunk-y, then Gotham by Gaslight is a must-read. The one-shot comic places Batman in the Victorian century and faces him against Jack the Ripper. It's part of the "Elseworlds" story-arc, wherein DC characters are often placed in alternate realities and timelines. And if you've enjoyed the former novel, then Alan Moore's exploration of Jack the Ripper persona in From Hellshould be right up your alley.

Serialized for almost a decade, the graphic novel is set during the Whitechapel murders and delves deep into the mythos and folklore surrounding the serial killer. It is based on Stephen Knight's theory that the murders were an elaborate conspiracy to cover up the birth of an illegitimate royal baby. While some portions are fictionalized, Moore did extensive research to write it and has also provided copious end-notes to ensure credibility.

Fans of history and Victoriana will devour this tome with glee.You sat in Pete's bedroom, your hair pulled back into a ponytail since you had just come from cheerleading practice. You had befriended the goth kid a few years back but because you were a 'conformist' the two of you could never hang out in school for fear of being found out by the other kids.

You sat down on his bed and looked over at him as he smoked, eyes closed and listening to his mp3 player before you turned back to your phone. You look back up from your phone and turn to the goth, "I don't think so.

I've been pretty normal around them. You looked at it and shrugged, taking it from him before you lift it to your lips. You inhale and took a long drag before you hand it back to him, moving over to him and leaning back with your head on the pillow.

You close your eyes and let out a long breath of smoke, settling in to the familiar comfort of his bed.

Danganronpa Girls Dress Up

You roll over, and now lay in between Pete's legs, your arms crossed under your chin as you lay on his lap, peering up at him, "That's stupid. Why is the world so fucked up? You sat up onto your knees, bringing them under you as you sat in between his legs, your hands on his thighs, "We could change all that, you know.

We could show them that we can get along. Pete looked at you, his normally half-lidded eyes were wide. He felt his heart beating against his chest as a fluttering feeling filled his stomach. He let out a breath and furrowed his brow, "Stop that. My mouth goes dry and my palms get sweaty and I just…Is this a conformist feeling? Do you ever feel like that? Cause I feel like that. Especially right now," His eyes scanned your face for a reaction. Your eyes snapped up to his in a split second, as if you shouldn't dare do it but changed your mind.

At that moment Pete felt his heart stop beating. He knew what he felt. He hated to admit it. He hated himself for feeling it. But… You heard him gasp and realised he must have felt that way and in a split-second decision you muttered out a quiet, "I love you, Pete…". Pete was confused and terrified of what was about to happen as your hands quickly moved behind his head and ran through his hair and you leaned up towards him, but he closed his eyes and met you for the kiss all the same.

Your lips were soft and warm and you smelled like a cheerleader. You smelled of perfume and strawberries and everything sweet. The opposite of him. But as your arms linked behind his neck and you held him closer, your lips parted and Pete hesitantly slid his tongue in between your lips.

He suddenly hugged you closer, deepening the kiss as he realised you didn't taste like a cheerleader should taste. You tasted like a goth should. Cigarettes and coffee and a hint of chocolate.

You tasted like him. And he wanted you to only taste like him. Only him. You moved closer to him, now straddling his hips and pressing your chest against his.Dress up the girls from the anime Danganronpa in this game from the artist Hapuriainen! This game was commissioned by the artist universora, so be sure to give them both some love for bringing this game to us! There is no second ad on this, just one preroll ad. Do you realise that the items are drag and drop, not click?

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reading danganronpa confessions

Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. It may appear for you every time you enter a game page. My games except older flash games are available on Android over here:. They perform better than the HTML5 versions so if you have the option to play them I highly recommend it!

Flash is being shut down and browsers are pulling support for it. They still work for me on desktop and chrome so I suggest trying that and enjoying these games while they are still playable. There are some perks available like getting to vote for the next game theme, submitting your own items to the game and getting access to the desktop apps which is the best performing version!

This is completely voluntary though, I will still keep my games available for free for everyone! Play Now. Danganronpa Girls Dress Up. Game Description. July 26, Chibi Magical Creature Dress Up. Winx Club Maker. Primrose Girl Makeover. A Little Bit of Vintage Creator. A Lazy Holiday Makeover. Lollipop Creator. Pixie Scene Maker.

Tags: danganronpa flash Hapuriainen schoolgirl. Kaoriofhope says:. September 30, at pm. Anonymous says:. February 2, at pm.

Egg says:. December 8, at am. December 8, at pm. June 28, at pm. March 9, at am. June 6, at pm.Sticking out your tongue at him, you place the helmet on your head and wrap your arms around his waste as he revs the motor and the two of you take off down the road. You notice after a while that the two of you have left town, and are driving down a country road, passing a small farm and a few cows.

Eventually, he pulls to the side of the road near a patch of wildflowers, and in a small clearing, a blanket and a picnic basket wait. You laugh and ask him to help you lay out the blanket so that the two of you can sit down and have a nice meal. When asked why he went to all the trouble, Mondo shrugs and says that it was just something he thought you might like, is all. This was sitting in my works folder for a while and I decided, why not post it again instead of deleting it on AO3 and pretending like it never existed?

Anywho, this is Gonta angst! Keep reading. I know you're kinda maybe dead and most likely won't see this but if we submitted something we wrote here are we allowed to post it on Ao3 or does it belong to the blog now? Your writing is rightfully yours, we would never take something you created away from you! Yes submissions were a thing but that was to finish requests and perhaps bring out the creativity of our followers; never will it belong to the blog.

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Go apply! Posts Archive. Anonymous asked: Some fluffy Mondo x reader please? Anonymous asked: I know you're kinda maybe dead and most likely won't see this but if we submitted something we wrote here are we allowed to post it on Ao3 or does it belong to the blog now? Rambling about dangan-ronpa-imagines….

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Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation! You didn't expect many things and yet, how did it turn into a life or death situation? I did not want to post it before it was done but this MF about to be LONG so this is forcing me to eventually finish it. He ran a long, pale finger down my cheek and stopped at my neck, right above my pulse.

My eyes widened before a loud sound echoed in the room. The sharp noise of flesh against flesh as his head turned from the impact of my palm smacking his face. She loved the vast, restless sea; she loved the tides keeping their bonds to the shore, and the gulls, and the croon of the waves, and the call of the winds in the firs in the chilly summer evenings; she loved the moonrises and the sunsets, and the clear, calm nights when the stars seemed to have fallen into the water and to be a little dizzy from such a fall.

He loved them too, though even their timeless beauty seemed to pale against hers. You are titled the Ultimate hunter only, and people think you are simply an expert animal hunter. This is the story of what happens after a certain vampire discovers your true title and becomes taken with you. Hematology the area of study concerning blood and much more! But she'll try and help her peers in solving the mystery of why they're here and how to get out.

Summary: Kokichi, Nagito and Byakuya jacking off to the thought of their fem! She did. Finally let go of the pull, the floor vibrated under her, and in a hollow state, she awoke in darkness. On a airplane that doesn't stop; it has no destination, just a continuous flight. The Ultimates are back, trapped in a new killing game just when they thought they had finally escaped the last one.

Things are different now; it won't be that easy to escape. Everything is real. Can they survive this different situation they are thrown into?

danganronpa x goth reader

Can they fight against despair and win? Or will they lose hope? Your hands wrapped around his throat, and you squeezed and shook him, rag dolling his head into the ground in hopes of wiping that ridiculous look off his face. What the hell is wrong with you!? My first fic. Pls Be gentle! Loosely an AU, because Hope's Peak is supposed to be a college in this, and y'all are university students.

I do NOT take requests on here, if you want to request you'll have to go to my tumblr, "floorbe". I'll try to update this weekly. Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation.Aye so this is my first shot at a x reader fic and im super nervous lololol. The mods are thinking about also doing x reader asks when we open the ask box as well?

Anyways please tell me how you like this qwq. The room was dark, darkness enveloping darkness that blocked out the sun. You were sitting among the darkwishing it could swallow you entirely. Eat you up, erase your traces and leave nothing behind.

Your life had been a wallowing hole of self pity, anxiety and depression. Every day was a constant cycle of trying to be happy, failing and going to bed feeling sick. It was a miracle that you could even get up every day.

The only person who seemed to make your suffering better, the one who you were even living for at this point was him, Hoshi Ryoma. He had been like a lifeboat for you. Being a person who knew about the struggles of life made you happy to cling and come to him when things got bad. The only problem being that your low self esteem made you feel horrible things.

Each word you spoke had to be debated; if it had a chance of even sounding weird you would just keep it to yourself. It all built up and up and up…. You would usually be doing quiet things, rarely would you be doing something noisy. He walks through the hallway, announcing his presence while removing his coat.

When he gets no answer he is quirked. He calls out again, when he gets no answer he looks through the rooms. Kitchen-nope, living room-nope. Eventually he gets to your room. He hears nothing. He knocks lightly, hearing a slight shuffling.


He calls your name again. Items are strewn across the floor, the dresser is tipped with chunks of debris lying next to it. You curl yourself tighter into your ball, whimpering and sobbing harder. Hoshi takes a moment to think, assessing the situation, letting the gears turn in his brain. He rubs his temple, shaking that thought out before it all comes back to him.

He knows what he needs to do.

danganronpa x goth reader

His heart pulls as he sees your face, eyes red and dry from you rubbing them, nose red and dripping with mucus, lips cracked and trembling. Your throat is probably dry and he can tell you have a headache. You give a meek nod, sniffling and pulling yourself up, he helps you and seats you down on the bed. Another nod, he shifts his weight, grasping the fabric in his hands and positioning multiple pillows on top of another. The second he finishes you flop down in a gasp, tears starting to spring up again.

He gives a reassuring coo as he gently strokes your hair and removing stray strands from your agitated face. He slips beside you in the bed, letting you lean on him.

He can feel how stiff you are, even through the blankets.What is Danganronpa? Danganronpa lit. Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony is the latest game in the Danganronpa series, with a brand new setting, cast, and storyline. It is unrelated to the Danganronpa V3 game.

Danganronpa 2 was never adapted to anime, and playing it is required for proper understanding of Danganronpa 3. You can watch Danganronpa 3 officially on Funimation. The first game was released February under the name Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and the sequel was released September under the name Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. They are localizations of the updated 1. Danganronpa was ported to Steam on February 18, Danganronpa 2 followed soon after on April 18, Dangan Ronpa Ship Generator 2.

Kiyosuke Munakata x Brainwashed! Kyoko Kirigiri Mage!

danganronpa x goth reader

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