Can galaxy buds connect to two devices at once

Can galaxy buds connect to two devices at once

Most smartphones come with Bluetooth audio capabilities. Once a device is paired with your smartphone, you can easily stream music from your smartphone to that device. But a big number of smartphone models do not support Bluetooth audio streaming to more than 1 device at once.

However, if you are using Samsung Galaxy Note 9, this should not pose a big challenge to you. With Samsung Galaxy Note 9, you can connect 2 Bluetooth speakers or headphones and stream music simultaneously to the connected devices. This article will show you how to connect 2 Bluetooth speakers or headphones to Samsung Galaxy Note 9 at the same time and enjoy the resulting audio capabilities.

You will also get some tips and tweaks which you can utilize in your Galaxy Note 9 to gain more control over your audio experience.

can galaxy buds connect to two devices at once

This is enabled through Dual Audio, a new feature which has been integrated into the newest Samsung Galaxy models. To enjoy this interesting feature, you need to enable it first.

Follow the steps below to enable it:. Several Bluetooth settings will be displayed. With this done, you can proceed to pair your two audio devices with your smartphone. After pairing, use your favorite music player app to broadcast the audio to the two connected devices. Remember in case you pair a third device, the device which was paired first will be dropped. This is because the dual audio feature is designed to broadcast audio to a maximum of two devices.

You may as well get a slight audio difference due to the different capabilities of the devices paired and their relative distance from your smartphone. Without this feature, you will still be able to control your audio output volume but you will have to do it from two different points.

If you have 2 audio devices connected, you will be required to adjust the volume of each audio device separately to achieve your optimum volume balance. Tap the three vertical dots at the top of this section to gain access to extra Bluetooth settings.

You will have set the synchronization on and thus you will be able to control the media volume from either your smartphone or from one of the connected Bluetooth audio devices. You could have noticed that once you pair a Bluetooth speaker with your smartphone all sounds coming from your phone get transmitted to the Bluetooth speaker. This interrupts the normal audio which was playing on your Bluetooth speakers for some few seconds. Such an interruption is not only annoying but it also distracts your music experience.

With Samsung Galaxy Note 9, it is possible to select a specific audio app to broadcast its media to the Bluetooth speaker while cutting the rest of the sound alerts and notifications from other apps. You will get a pop-up menu with an option to select an app which will play over the Bluetooth speaker.

By setting this you will have successfully limited the sounds transmitted over Bluetooth. You have got the tips on how to connect 2 Bluetooth speakers or headphones to Samsung Galaxy Note 9 at the same time. Use these tips to get a better audio experience with your Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Launch the settings app from the app tray. In the resulting interface, look for a three-dot menu icon and tap on it.

To enable this feature, follow the steps below: 1. To set this: 1. Go to the Settings app. Conclusion You have got the tips on how to connect 2 Bluetooth speakers or headphones to Samsung Galaxy Note 9 at the same time.To get started, turn on Bluetooth on your phone. Toggle its switch to ON.

can galaxy buds connect to two devices at once

Make sure the two Bluetooth headphones or speakers you want to connect are in pairing mode. If so, you will see them under Available Devices or Paired Devices if you connected them in the past. Once they show up, tap on them so that they get connected.

How To Connect Two Bluetooth Devices Simultaneously On Galaxy S8/S9

Now, play anything on your smartphone having audio and see dual audio in action for yourself. The two speakers or earphones will be treated as one audio output.

How to connect two JBL bluetooth speakers

You will be able to hear music on both the connected devices. The experience was smooth and flawless.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus review

So, the next time you and your friend want to watch a movie use this method and listen to the audio on your individual earphones. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Sign in. Log into your account.

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Leave this field empty.Yes, Dual Audio allows you to send your media audio to two different Bluetooth devices at the same time. This means that not only can you use two pairs of headphones, but you get to ditch the wires, too! After pairing both Bluetooth headphones to your Samsung Galaxy S9you just need to enable Dual Audio so that both phones can receive the media audio.

And besides that, the process of setting up two Bluetooth devices on the Galaxy S9 is a straightforward one, so waste no more time:.

Use your Galaxy S9 with Two Bluetooth Devices at a time

At this point, feel free to play anything on your smartphone having audio and see dual audio in action for yourself. The two speakers or earphones will be treated as a single audio output and you will hear music on both the connected devices.

September 1, February 4, January 25, Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. How To. How to create a caller group in your Galaxy Note 8. Update Xperia Z2 with CM Discover the New Google Sounds app.

Once you see them, just tap on them so that they get connected; Tap the three-dot menu icon in the top right corner of the screen; Next, tap Dual audio; Toggle the OFF switch to ON in Dual Audio screen. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus offer better sound quality and an extended battery life compared to last year's Samsung Galaxy Buds, but they're still missing advanced audio codec support and full-on noise cancellation.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus are the update the company's true wireless earbuds desperately needed: they offer better battery life, improved call audio thanks to a third internal microphone, and a new dual-driver design that uses two powerful drivers for better, clearer sound.

The downside? What Samsung has done here, and should be commended for, is creating a competitive pair of true wireless earbuds in an increasingly competitive landscape. They hold up against rival buds in their own price range and while they don't achieve the same heights as, say, the Sony WFXM3 or AirPods Pro, they're significantly cheaper and offer some nice features for Samsung smartphone owners. Samsung has launched its latest true wireless earbuds, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, at its Unpacked event in San Francisco, where it announced that they'll be available to buy online from February 14, and in stores from March 6.

In comparison to the competition and in their value for the money, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus are smack-dab in the middle. The new Galaxy Buds Plus sport a very similar design to their predecessors, with slick pearlescent housings and adjustable silicone eartips. As of March 10, the Galaxy Buds Plus also come in pink — however, that option is only available in South Korea at the time of writing. Eschewing the long ear stems of the AirPods and the AirPods Pro, these sleek little buds pop neatly into their charging case and into your ear, being held in place by a small nub that catches a fold in your outer ear.

At Because of that design choice we had issues wearing these earbuds while laying in bed as the constant pressure on the buds from the pillow made them uncomfortable in the ear. In terms of customization, inside the box you'll find additional eartips in three different sizes, a larger nub to hold the earbuds in place if they're falling out and a rubber ring if you don't want any nub on the outer edges of the buds. On the outside you'll find the touch capacitive button that understands single, double, triple and long presses.

Single, double and triple do what you'd expect them to do and the long press can either activate your virtual assistant, lower the volume or turn on ambient sound amplification.

Using the touch capacitive button as the means to control the earbuds can be slightly uncomfortable at first, as pushing the button pushes the earbuds further into the ear canal, but you'll soon learn to exert less pressure when using it. It would've been nice if Samsung decided to implement an always-listening virtual assistant here, but unfortunately decided not to.

The only other glaring issue we've found so far with the Buds Plus is that they're only IPX2 splash-resistant. That means they're mostly fine for workouts, but won't be the kind of thing you'd want to take with you to the pool or beach, where they could easily get damaged. For comparison the Apple AirPods Pro are IPX4 water-resistant, and while that's not as good as being fully waterproof, it should assuage any fear you have of damaging them at the gym or outside in the rain.

As for the case itself, it's fairly light and smooth with rounded edges. It should fit fairly easily in your pocket and provides an additional charge for the earbuds in between uses.We tested the dual Bluetooth functionality on over-the-ear headphones, in-ear headphones, and Bluetooth speakers, and came away quite impressed with what this phone can do. When you enable the functionality on the handset it warns you that one device may be slightly quieter than the other one, but we were hard pressed to find much of a difference.

We listened to the right and left earcups of the same pair of headphones that were separately connected, and while there was a difference in audio gain between the two, it was extremely minimal.

I remember a long time ago in a city far, far away, when my high school band would go on long trips to compete at different schools and events. We often wanted to listen to different marching band playlists among many of us, but we had to use awkward 3. By the time it actually came out of our headphones the signal was extremely quiet, and the limited length of the cable made it a huge hassle to share audio between us.

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Wired headphones can only connect to one device at a time. Plug them into your computer, and you can only use them on your computer, until you unplug them and plug them into something else. Many Bluetooth headphones, though, can connect to more than one device at a time thanks to a protocol called Multipoint. Not all headphones support it, but most mid- to high-end headphones from manufacturers like Bose, Sennheiser, Beats, and so on do. Even budget headphones from some manufacturers like Jabra have Multipoint.

Not sure if your headphones support it? To use Multipoint, you just need to connect your headphones to more than one device—though this can be trickier than it sounds. Once I connected my Sennheiser Momentum 2.

can galaxy buds connect to two devices at once

This involved holding a button down for five seconds. Once they were in pair mode, they could connect to new devices. Your headphones will automatically swap between the two as needed. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more.

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Since we launched inour articles have been read more than 1 billion times. Want to know more?The new Galaxy Buds from Samsung are super easy to connect to your Galaxy phone. You open the case near your phone with Bluetooth enabled and viola a pop-up appears on the screen asking you to connect. But, what if you want to connect them to say, a computer?

Or your non-Galaxy phone? There you go! Hope that helps someone out that was looking for this like I was. So this happened to me one time and it ended up being that it just needed to be charged for a while then recommend them. I tried to connect my buds to my windows 7 laptop but it cant seem to find them. It is because of Windows 7? Please help me out.

Thank you. No should work the same regardless. Try plugging in the earbud case and leaving the earbuds in the case until the light turns on on the case and then turn off and back on Bluetooth on the computer and try again.

I am also facing the same problem on my windows Leave them in the case with it open and plug them in and leave them like that. When the light turns on on them turn off and on blueBlueton the PC and then follow the steps above.

It should find them then. Oh that would be a good idea. Nope, no shortcuts. Thanks for the reply though! Would like to find an audio-to-BT adaptor to broadcast to these buds. Which adaptor might this work with? I want to use that Samsung Buds with Windows 10 for Skype calls and stuff. Has anyone tried this out? How good is the mic? Only real way to know is to buy them and try if out and you can always return them. Please help me? Click the volume icon in the taskbar and make sure the Galaxy Buds or there and selected from the drop down.

Unpair them. Then put them in their case with it open and repair them. See if that helps. Not like in your screenshot where it says audio and music. I will try again and see what happens.

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